Actual Movie Analyst at work. Photo by Sarah Marie Block, sarahblock-photography.com.

What’s the story behind this site?

Mark Tompkins works as a freelance Movie Analyst for a movie-streaming company. (Odds are good you’ve heard of it.) The company assigns him several movies per week, with an emphasis on foreign films. But really, the assignments can be anything — new indie releases, obscure 1940s film noir, grade-Z Eurosploitation, etc. No movie is too esoteric for this line of work.

The job requires watching the movies and contributing info about each film to the company’s database. The reviews on this site are based on his assignments.

(He also posts about screenings at L.A. repertory cinemas, to urge people to support those theaters, as well as assorted film topics that he feels like nattering on about.)

(All-Important Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this site are solely those of Mark Tompkins, and don’t represent the views of the movie-streaming company or any other corporate titan.)

He gets paid to watch movies?! How can I get this gig?

Everyone asks this. New freelance Movie Analysts are only called up when one of the previous generation keels over and the last Blu-ray is pried from their cold, dead hands.

Compulsory cinephile reference

The title of this blog was inspired by a lyric (“le même cinéma tous les soirs”) in Serge Gainsbourg‘s score for the 1967 musical comedy Anna, made for French TV. Directed by Pierre Koralnik and starring Anna Karina, the movie might best be described as an 87-minute stylegasm, and sadly it isn’t available on Region 1 DVD. You can check out a trailer below, though, and see how nobody smoked a cigarette like Serge Gainsbourg:

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