‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’: Silliest movie poster ever?

The Same Cinema Every Night is not big on heaping scorn on blockbuster flicks that fall far outside this site’s general indie/foreign/cult film purview, not to mention movies aimed at a demographic far, far removed from that of this freelance Movie Analyst. But I came across the above poster at a movie theatre recently, and it struck me as so goofy that it’s actually kind of arresting.

What hath Photoshop wrought? To judge from the poster, the climax to the Twilight saga will involve some sort of track meet for werewolves, vampires and the people who love them. For some reason they’re all running toward the water, even though it looks like it’s plenty cold wherever they are.

The poster inspires a few thoughts: 1), Vampires tend to lose their mystique when they’re depicted jogging; 2), That tagline sounds like it’s protesting too much; and 3), The producers of this wildly successful franchise really couldn’t come up with anything better? Nobody is better at slick ad campaigns than Hollywood studios — it’s practically the studios’ raison d’être these days. So this awkward image is a puzzle. Maybe it’s supposed to resemble a piece of fan-made art?

Compare the Breaking Dawn poster with the poster for the new James Bond movie Skyfall — eye-catching in its stark simplicity, and a fine example of graphic design oomph. It doesn’t give anything away about the film, but still piques the viewer’s curiosity. The movie appears to star Daniel Craig, not a Madame Tussaud’s wax effigy of same. And most of all, it doesn’t look silly.

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