Countdown to ‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch on the big screen

One way to pass the time until Twin Peaks returns in May: Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre is pairing seven David Lynch features with classics by other directors, in double bills that feel just right. If you don't know these movies already, don't read a thing about them beforehand; just come and let them blow your mind. Read more [...]

The anti-Communist hysteria of ‘My Son John’ (1952): not as dated as you might think

In Leo McCarey's My Son John, Robert Walker plays a Communist spy and traitor lurking in small-town America; watching the movie today, you can’t help noticing how many of the traits that render Walker's character suspect in 1952 would also mark him as not 'a real American' in the eyes of right-wing pundits today. Some things about American life have changed very little in 60 years. Read more [...]

The antidote to blockbuster season: Martin Scorsese’s ‘Masterpieces of Polish Cinema’ series

Hand-picked by Martin Scorsese, this series of Polish movies is an impeccable lineup, and its arrival in L.A. couldn't be better timed. A curious moviegoer won't go wrong with any of these medieval epics and politically charged thrillers — and you might be surprised to find a certified stoner classic in here as well. Read more [...]

If ‘Vertigo’ is the best movie ever made, what’s the worst?

Last month's Sight & Sound critic's poll of the Top 50 Greatest Movies of All Time, in which Vertigo deposed Citizen Kane from its longtime perch at number one, has stirred up all kinds of online chatter. It seems everyone has an opinion about what the classics are, or should be. But the list got me wondering, what is the worst movie ever made? Read more [...]

‘Lola Montes’: A movie that almost provoked a riot, long ago

Perhaps the Parisian audience that attended the premiere of Max Ophüls’ Lola Montès in 1955 was expecting something really juicy, a kind of high-class bodice ripper. What the crowd got instead was a strange modernist spectacle. The film reportedly provoked so much hooting and heckling that police were called in to keep order. Read more [...]