Werner Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’: Crazy in the best possible way

This Friday at the Aero in Santa Monica, with Nicolas Cage and Werner Herzog in person: Nicolas Cage is compulsively watchable in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. His line readings are often bonkers, and I mean that as the highest possible praise. Read more [...]

Just what the heck is ‘Veronica Mars,’ anyway?

The Internet buzz about the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie has no doubt left plenty of people scratching their heads. Perhaps you too have asked, what the hell is Veronica Mars? Here's a brief intro (or refresher) for anyone who hasn't binge-watched in anticipation of the movie. Read more [...]

‘Bitte, nicht Hollywood’: The Berlin School invades New York’s MOMA

Today through Dec. 6th in New York City: MOMA pays tribute to the recent wave of German indies known as "the Berlin School" — cosmopolitan, coolly cerebral movies that will reward adventurous film lovers. Many of the directors will be appearing in person at the screenings. Read more [...]

Maren Ade’s ‘Everyone Else’ will make you laugh — when you aren’t dying of embarrassment

If you watch Maren Ade's Everyone Else with an audience in a theater, it’s possible the movie plays as dry comedy. Watch by yourself and it may play as a less comfortable experiment, one that asks: how long can you stand to be cooped up with these people? Read more [...]

The New Beverly’s two-night tribute is a great way to remember Lou Reed

Wed.-Thu., 11/13-11/14, L.A.s New Beverly Cinema pays tribute to the late Lou Reed (sob!) with a double bill: the real attraction here is Berlin on the big screen. Julian Schnabel's concert movie draws from the December 2006 shows when Lou Reed performed his infamous 1973 concept album Berlin live for the first time. Read more [...]