(Most of) ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is Martin Scorsese’s best feature in 20 years

Martin Scorsese's latest movie is sprawling and vulgar. It's also scathingly funny, and an acid social critique. Even though there's little violence here, the similarities to his earlier gangster pictures are precisely the point. Read more [...]

Cinematic highlights of 2013: That weekend in Paris in ‘Frances Ha’

One of 2013's best, Frances Ha proved that laughs and filmmaking artistry are compatible, despite the evidence of far too many comedies coming out these days. And no sequence in the movie was funnier than Frances' trip to Paris — scored to an incongruous, irresistibly schlocky 1970s hit. Read more [...]

About those explicit scenes in ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’…

Is it possible to write about Blue Is the Warmest Color without addressing the sex scenes? In any conversation about the film they’re the first thing to come up. Does the director get a pass on the charge of exploitation because his movie is a sincere, brilliantly acted depiction of a passionate love affair? Read more [...]

‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ is an even better movie than the controversy might lead you to believe

The controversies and whiff of scandale swirling around Blue Is the Warmest Color have overshadowed what a good movie it is. You may not want to take my word for it, though — it's possible no male film critics are to be trusted on the subject of this film. Read more [...]

‘Blue Jasmine’: Cate Blanchett is the best thing to happen to Woody Allen in ages

Blue Jasmine isn't entirely free of the flaws of late, late Woody Allen, but what lifts it above the spate of recent Allen movies is a lead performance that’s exceptionally satisfying to watch. Maybe Allen should have worked with a diva like Cate Blanchett much earlier. Read more [...]