Worst of 2013: What did literature ever do to deserve movies like ‘Austenland’ and ‘Salinger’?

A super-size version of Salinger plays on PBS next week, but spare yourself: Both Austenland and Salinger are so awful that they suggest American filmmakers are ill-suited to making movies about literary culture. Read more [...]

Cinematic duds and disappointments of 2013, or the Netflix queue from hell

Or, when bad films happen to good actors. In a year that offered so many rewarding movies, no one should squander precious time on these: Read more [...]

This week in NYC: David Bowie’s film career looks good in retrospect

This week in New York, The Film Society of Lincoln Center hosts a retrospective of David Bowie's film and video work — a collection of almost nothing but cult movies and intriguing rarities. A couple of the more obscure entries in Bowie's acting resume are what make this series stand out. Read more [...]

Javier Bardem’s hair

Can you tell how good a movie is going to be by the state of Javier Bardem's hair? A few publicity stills for the upcoming Ridley Scott/Cormac McCarthy thriller The Counselor suggest there's reason to be excited. Read more [...]

‘The Look of Love’: How a strip-club owner became the richest man in England

Now available via On Demand, iTunes and Amazon: A whirl of a biopic, The Look of Love tells how porn impresario Paul Raymond became England's richest man. Raymond’s biography is so colorful, with details that no screenwriter would dare invent, that the movie gradually overcame my skepticism. Read more [...]