SEEFest: Another Europe comes to L.A. screens this weekend

Today through Monday: The annual South East European Film Festival features movies from a corner of Europe not often seen on our screens. Don't pass up this opportunity to expand your cinematic horizons — the only downside to the SEEFest is that there are too many promising movies to catch on one long weekend. Read more [...]

‘Sound City’: Dave Grohl, “rhymes with rock n’ roll” *

Even if you’ve never heard of the L.A. recording studio Sound City, you’ve definitely heard it, in a sense, given how many famous albums were recorded there. Dave Grohl's documentary Sound City is a candid and funny recap of 40 years of L.A. music history — and also an elegy for analog culture. Read more [...]

‘Scott Walker: 30 Century Man’

The testimony of David Bowie and indeed all the interviewees in the documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man indicate that respect must be paid to Scott Walker. Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn and several members of Radiohead all appear, paying tribute to Walker’s talent. Eno in particular is so eloquent and even emotional, talking about how underappreciated Walker is, that there has to be something to the man’s cult reputation. Read more [...]

A perversely beautiful environmental nightmare: Herzog’s ‘Lessons of Darkness’

Werner Herzog's movies invite audiences to consider the world and the bizarre phenomena in it with new eyes, stirring a wakefulness — if not a kind of awe — in the viewer. Who else would have flown to Kuwait in the wake of the Gulf War to record the out-of-control fires in the oil fields there? Read more [...]