Jacques Rivette’s ‘Duelle’: The dangerous goddesses of Paris

Someone needs to release Jacques Rivette’s Duelle (1976) on Blu-Ray or streaming in the U.S. A single viewing is a fine way to be introduced to this entrancing fantasy, but I want to be able to sink into its mysteries and contemplate its puzzles again and again. Read more [...]

30 years late, or timeless? Leos Carax’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’ finally hits U.S. screens

Starts Fri., 8/15 at L.A.'s Cinefamily Theater: Leos Carax's precocious 1984 debut Boy Meets Girl is a movie that wears its heart on its sleeve for a lot of things — for cinema, for Paris, for youthful romanticism. And it's in gorgeous black-and-white. It's like the weekend in Paris that Frances Ha dreamed of, in 100 minutes. Read more [...]

A roundup of ‘Alphaville’ posters from around the world — the odd, mod and beautiful

In honor of the restored Alphaville playing in L.A. this week, here's a collection of movie posters for Godard's sci-fi noir classic from all over the world. The posters make a strong case that the more original the film, the more inspired the posters. Read more [...]

Godard’s sci-fi noir ‘Alphaville’ is the best movie playing in L.A. this week

There are many reasons to see Alphaville, Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 marvel, on the big screen, chief among them: the retro-futuristic B&W cinematography is beautiful to look at; the movie is the proverbial ripping yarn, one that's also funny and romantic; and at 49 years old, the film is more uncannily prescient than ever. Read more [...]

The return of ‘Mauvais Sang,’ the grooviest French movie you might never have heard of

DCP restoration now playing in L.A.: Leos Carax reminded the world of his talent with 2012's Holy Motors. This revival of 1986's Mauvais Sang — a compulsively watchable testament to young love, and the love of movies — shows why Carax was a name to reckon with back in his proverbial enfant terrible days. Read more [...]