The twisted brilliance of the Cinefamily’s ‘United States of Horror’ series

Every night this month, leading up to Halloween (natch), L.A. repertory cinema the Cinefamily is screening a different horror movie at midnight, in a series dubbed “The United States of Horror.” Not to get too hifalutin,' but the series could make a case for low-budget horror movies as outsider art. Read more [...]

Jess Franco (1930–2013) directed about 160 movies, almost all of them sleazy

The late Jess Franco (1930–2013) was a master of Euro horror and grindhouse fare, as a list of titles from his oeuvre makes clear — it's possible that no other director has a more colorful IMDB page. Read more [...]

‘Good’ bad movies, Exhibit A: ‘Stoker’

For a while Stoker works as a mood piece, a languid but poisonous dream. But a rude awakening comes when this Southern Gothic veers into more schlocky, sub-Hitchcockian territory. How many sociopaths does one family need? Read more [...]