L.A. Repertory Cinema Picks, Feb. 2016: Never mind awards season…

There's an embarrassment of riches at L.A.'s rep cinemas this month; an avid cinephile wishing to shut out the noise of Oscar campaigns can celebrate movies the best way possible, by seeing classics and cult favorites alike on the big screen... many of them in 35mm, no less. Read more [...]

Honorable mention of 2013: Ten movies that are no mere also-rans

The best argument for the merits of 2013 at the movies is how many worthy contenders there were for both a Top 10 list as well as this list of runners-up. (Let's go easy on the comparisons to 1939, though.) Read more [...]

The antidote to Oscar season, #1: Abbas Kiarostami’s ‘Like Someone in Love’

It was a relief to catch the new movie from Abbas Kiarostami last weekend and rejoin a cinematic world far removed from feverish speculation about little gold statues. Like Someone in Love is like an elegant, well-crafted short story. Read more [...]

What is the best movie title of all time?

Nude for Satan — I’ve never seen this 1974 Italian horror flick, but the haiku-like perfection of the title has long impressed me. Bold, succinct, fearlessly tacky, declaring exactly what the movie was going to be. Read more [...]