A roundup of ‘Alphaville’ posters from around the world — the odd, mod and beautiful

In honor of the restored Alphaville playing in L.A. this week, here's a collection of movie posters for Godard's sci-fi noir classic from all over the world. The posters make a strong case that the more original the film, the more inspired the posters. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema pick: ‘Jean-Luc Godard, French Revolutionary’ at the Aero Theatre

For any cineastes in L.A. suffering awards-season fatigue, relief is at hand: starting tonight and playing over the next two weeks, Santa Monica's Aero Theatre is running six double-features by Godard. You can't go wrong with any of these double bills — and to its credit, the series includes a couple of the master's later works from the '80s. Read more [...]

Strange but true: ‘American Hustle’ will be released as ‘American Bullshit’ in Germany

David Russell's new movie is called American Hustle in the U.S., but American Bullshit in Germany. I wonder if that title won't have a slightly different ring to Germans now, given recent events. UPDATE, 2/13/14: The German distributor stuck with American Hustle after all. Read more [...]

Lincoln Center’s massive Godard retrospective: impressive even if you know your Godard

I imagine there are plenty of cineastes outside New York City who find themselves scrolling through the listings for Lincoln Center's Godard series longingly, wishing they could be there. This is a singular opportunity to immerse oneself in Godard's oeuvre — even, for those who dare, his late-'60s, make-your-head-hurt agitprop. Read more [...]