2013 in review: Despite prophecies of doom, movies aren’t quite dead yet

The experience of viewing movies may be changing, and not always for the better, but that's no reason to assume that creativity is in decline. To state the obvious, good movies can come from anywhere, and can now be found anywhere. Read more [...]

Strange but true: ‘American Hustle’ will be released as ‘American Bullshit’ in Germany

David Russell's new movie is called American Hustle in the U.S., but American Bullshit in Germany. I wonder if that title won't have a slightly different ring to Germans now, given recent events. UPDATE, 2/13/14: The German distributor stuck with American Hustle after all. Read more [...]

Brazil’s ‘Neighboring Sounds’ finally makes it to L.A. screens

Voted one of the Best Films of 2012, Brazil's Neighboring Sounds finally makes it to L.A. screens this week. This "daylight noir" is a pointed break with stereotypical images of Brazil — good to see before next year's World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Read more [...]