‘What Our Fathers Did’: An uncomfortably topical documentary about the legacy of Nazism

A dual character study of the sons of two high-ranking Nazi officials, What Our Fathers Did is a fascinating but disquieting coda to the history of 70-odd years ago. But maybe 'coda' is the wrong word, because in 2017 the movie feels weirdly topical. Read more [...]

‘Bitte, nicht Hollywood’: The Berlin School invades New York’s MOMA

Today through Dec. 6th in New York City: MOMA pays tribute to the recent wave of German indies known as "the Berlin School" — cosmopolitan, coolly cerebral movies that will reward adventurous film lovers. Many of the directors will be appearing in person at the screenings. Read more [...]

‘The Robber’: Can a movie with great chase scenes also be manic-depressive?

Inspired by a true story, The Robber has remarkable chase scenes shot in long, unbroken takes — yet they're almost like a sight gag: the bank robber here is a championship runner who can leave any cop in the dust. Read more [...]

This weekend, L.A.’s ‘German Currents’ film festival will measure the world

This weekend at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, two of my favorite things: the best new German movies... plus receptions with beer in the Egyptian's courtyard. Read more [...]

Ulrich Seidl’s ‘Import/Export’: A movie for anyone who thinks Michael Haneke has gone soft

Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy is provoking arthouse audiences in NY and LA this month. His earlier Import/Export aims to make the comfortably middle-class viewer painfully aware of the privilege that he takes for granted in his life. Read more [...]