L.A. Repertory Cinema Pick: Fassbinder returns to Hollywood, May 28-30

L.A.'s Egyptian Theater devotes three nights to a kind of Fassbinder greatest-hits: The big attraction here is the local premiere of Fassbinder: To Love without Demands, a new doc by critic Christian Braad Thomsen, who filmed interviews with Fassbinder throughout the 1970s, right up to the director's final weeks. Read more [...]

No ‘Ostalgie’ here: ‘The Tower’ brings back the bad old days of East Germany

Now available via Video On Demand: An award-winning miniseries made for German TV, The Tower depicts one family's downward spiral in the last years of East Germany. The viewer is inevitably aware of the ticking historical clock as events rush toward the opening of the Berlin Wall. Read more [...]

‘A Coffee in Berlin’ (a.k.a. ‘Oh Boy’): What is the German word for ‘slacker’?

Opens across the U.S. this month... finally! Niko Fischer's life in Berlin consists of drifting. He just can't be bothered with other people, a job, or any entanglements at all. Writer-director Jan Ole Gerster's droll case study in flatlining is the most acclaimed debut film to come out of Germany in many years — and rightly so. Read more [...]

The German version of Werner Herzog’s ‘Nosferatu’ sinks its fangs into L.A.

Playing this week in L.A.: Werner Herzog's hypnotically eerie Nosferatu the Vampyre brings a distinctly Germanic atmosphere to a classic tale of Gothic horror. No one should settle for seeing the movie in English; Herzog shot a version in German as well — and that's the definitive, and no doubt spookier version.
Read more [...]

‘Soccer Still Rules!’ Get ready for the World Cup with movies at the L.A. Goethe-Institut

Before all eyes turn to Brazil on June 12th, the L.A. Goethe-Institut is running 'Soccer Still Rules!', a series of German films that come at the phenomenon of soccer — ouch, I mean Fussball — from an impressive number of angles, in documentaries and broad comedies alike. Read more [...]