What is the best movie title of all time?

Nude for Satan — I’ve never seen this 1974 Italian horror flick, but the haiku-like perfection of the title has long impressed me. Bold, succinct, fearlessly tacky, declaring exactly what the movie was going to be. Read more [...]

House of the Sleeping Beauties (2006)

Every once in a while an assignment comes along that promises cheap thrills; this obscure German movie from 2006 about a brothel where men pay to sleep with — literally, just sleep with — naked young beauties promised absurdity and titillation in equal measure. It didn’t quite disappoint on either count, though it’s possible to glimpse a better movie emerging around the edges of this one. Read more [...]

Fetishism and girl power: ‘New Love in Tokyo’ (1994)

New Love in Tokyo never got a U.S. theatrical release, which is a surprise given its diverting mix of fetishism and girl power. The movie was inspired by a book of photographs of real-life prostitutes in Tokyo, and the accompanying interviews; the script is full of mundane details and colorful anecdotes presumably drawn from the experiences of real-life sex workers. Read more [...]

‘Elektra Luxx’: Even smutty dialogue can become monotonous

Maybe it’s because comedy routines tend not to be as funny the second time around, but in some ways Elektra Luxx is a disappointment. It’s not the clear advance that an indulgent viewer of its predecessor Women in Trouble might have hoped for. Read more [...]