‘Veronica Mars’ and the brave new world (perhaps) of crowdsourced film financing

Fans kicked in 2 million bucks and counting to finance a Veronica Mars movie. Could this become a new model for getting features made? We put up the money while Warner Bros. protects its bottom line — are we just helping the studio shift some inventory? Read more [...]

Countdown to Halloween: How Joss Whedon spoiled a lot of horror movies for me

Midway through the 1970s vampire flick Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural, there's a long chase sequence that's like an exercise in primordial horror imagery. It made me wonder just how many reels of film have been devoted to this sort of scene, a terrified blonde running through the night, pursued by some slavering monster or psychokiller. Read more [...]

A mini ‘Wire’ reunion in Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’

It’s a pleasure to see some familiar faces from The Wire in Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer, even if a couple of the actors are underused. The movie is anchored by a fierce performance by Clarke Peters as Bishop Enoch Rouse — a role that shows how Peters has been able to avoid typecasting after breaking through as Lester Freamon on The Wire. Read more [...]

Way before ‘Shame’ or ‘Prometheus,’ Michael Fassbender did time in bad TV

Before Michael Fassbender was Michael Fassbender, he co-starred in the BBC fantasy series Hex. A more comically blatant attempt to fuse Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the Harry Potter series would be impossible to imagine. Yet even in this unpromising setting Fassbender stood out. Read more [...]