‘Netflix Bum’: A new, less than reverent guide to what to watch online

These days the final resting place of every cinematic stinker would seem to be Netflix streaming. The new site Netflix Bum has taken on the task of being your guide through all the dreck — “We scrape the bottom so you don't have to” is their motto. Read more [...]

Mad about ‘Marketa’: A few words about the Czech classic

Out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and iTunes: 1960s classic Marketa Lazarová gives the impression that the director arrived on set every day determined to test what movies were capable of. The results are thrilling to watch. Contemporary filmmakers, man up and learn from the visionary approach here! Read more [...]

Spielberg and Lucas: Box-office doom lies in wait for Hollywood

Last week Steven Spielberg and George Lucas spoke at USC and predicted looming disaster for the current studio model of “tentpole” pictures. How many apocalyptic scenarios involving zombies/alien invasions/sinister North Koreans can one multiplex support? Read more [...]

A few words of wisdom from Roger Ebert (1942–2013)

Roger Ebert became a trusted source for mainstream audiences the way Pauline Kael once was for the cognoscenti. I would bet that the flood of tributes over the past few days stems from the fact that people associated Ebert with a love of movies, both his and theirs — with the pleasure that movies engender, in other words. Read more [...]