Mick Jagger IS James Bond: Movie posters from a parallel dimension

Strangely plausible, actually. Copyright © 2011 Peter Stults.

Illustrator and designer Peter Stults has been tickling the funnybone of cineastes for a while now with his contributions to designs for fake Criterion covers. Now he has created a collection of movie posters from another dimension, one much like our own… but where the films we think we know actually came out in different decades, with different casts and filmmakers.

The results are inspired — one of my favorites is the James Bond flick starring Mick Jagger, which suggests a mind-bending alternate 1960s:

her satanic majestys request?

Co-starring Bill Wyman as Q, theme song by Marianne Faithfull? Copyright © 2011 Peter Stults.

Other highlights are Fritz Lang’s silent version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and an alternate cast of Rushmore that’s kind of a dream. Click here to look at the complete gallery of posters — you’ll be glad you did.

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