Countdown to ‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch on the big screen

One way to pass the time until Twin Peaks returns in May: Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre is pairing seven David Lynch features with classics by other directors, in double bills that feel just right. If you don't know these movies already, don't read a thing about them beforehand; just come and let them blow your mind. Read more [...]

L.A. Repertory Cinema Pick: Fassbinder returns to Hollywood, May 28-30

L.A.'s Egyptian Theater devotes three nights to a kind of Fassbinder greatest-hits: The big attraction here is the local premiere of Fassbinder: To Love without Demands, a new doc by critic Christian Braad Thomsen, who filmed interviews with Fassbinder throughout the 1970s, right up to the director's final weeks. Read more [...]

This weekend, L.A.’s ‘German Currents’ film festival will measure the world

This weekend at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, two of my favorite things: the best new German movies... plus receptions with beer in the Egyptian's courtyard. Read more [...]

L.A.’s repertory movie theaters hit the big time — the pages of ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’

In its Feb. 2013 issue, the prestigious French magazine Cahiers du Cinéma devotes no less than 4 pages to Los Angeles' arthouse theaters under the seemingly provocative title, “Is there such a thing as arthouse in Los Angeles?” But don't let the title scare you: the study is an interesting analysis of arthouse cinemas in the City of Angels. Read more [...]

Cinematic Oktoberfest: A weekend of new German movies in L.A.

Coming to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood this weekend: The annual German Currents film series, showcasing the best of recent German releases. Foreign film lovers and Germanophiles should make time to check out the titles in this series; this may be your sole chance to see these films on the big screen. Read more [...]