‘Bitte, nicht Hollywood’: The Berlin School invades New York’s MOMA

Today through Dec. 6th in New York City: MOMA pays tribute to the recent wave of German indies known as "the Berlin School" — cosmopolitan, coolly cerebral movies that will reward adventurous film lovers. Many of the directors will be appearing in person at the screenings. Read more [...]

Love in a police state: Germany’s Oscar entry ‘Barbara’

Germany's submission to the Oscars this year, Barbara depicts a woman under constant surveillance by the secret police in 1980s East Germany. Even Alfred Hitchcock might have been impressed by the atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion that director Christian Petzold creates here. Read more [...]

Best movies of 2012: the ‘Honorable Mention’ category

Since there were more than 10 noteworthy movies in 2012, think of these as more potential candidates for your queue: superheroes, dissidents, indie misfits, and — all the way from Indonesia — what might be the best action movie since the original Die Hard. Read more [...]