Top 10 cinematic highlights of 2012: one very subjective list

I don't claim the following list to be definitive — how can I say for sure what the best movie of 2012 was when I still haven't seen Magic Mike? Read more [...]

‘Cosmopolis’: A rare case where the movie is better than the book

David Cronenberg adapting Don DeLillo — how much icy intelligence can one movie take? The surprise of Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is how well a novel that once made me want to hurl my copy of the paperback at the wall works as a film. It doesn't hurt that Cosmopolis now reads — and plays onscreen — like it was written last week. Read more [...]

Surprise: Robert Pattinson is well cast in Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’

It was an unlikely inspiration on David Cronenberg’s part to cast Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson as the lead of Cosmopolis: 28-year-old Eric Packer, a billionaire asset manager. It’s funny to consider how many of the same qualities that make Pattinson the right actor to play a centuries-old vampire make him ideal for Cronenberg's protagonist. Read more [...]