L.A. Repertory Cinema Picks, Feb. 2016: Never mind awards season…

There's an embarrassment of riches at L.A.'s rep cinemas this month; an avid cinephile wishing to shut out the noise of Oscar campaigns can celebrate movies the best way possible, by seeing classics and cult favorites alike on the big screen... many of them in 35mm, no less. Read more [...]

‘Christiane F.’: How the story of teenage junkies in West Berlin became a phenomenon

Screening at the L.A. Goethe-Institut on Wed., Sept. 16, 2015: At one point Christiane F. was the highest-grossing native film in West Germany, which is astonishing when you consider how dark it is. The movie features a soundtrack of Berlin-era David Bowie songs, and Bowie himself in concert. Read more [...]

This week in NYC: David Bowie’s film career looks good in retrospect

This week in New York, The Film Society of Lincoln Center hosts a retrospective of David Bowie's film and video work — a collection of almost nothing but cult movies and intriguing rarities. A couple of the more obscure entries in Bowie's acting resume are what make this series stand out. Read more [...]

David Bowie, patron saint of movie misfits

The kids in The Perks of Being a Wallflower are hardly the first movie characters to experience an epiphany because of a David Bowie song. Again and again in films, Bowie’s music acts as a conduit, putting misfit kids in touch with not just an alternative music scene but with their true selves. As Charlie and Sam in Perks might testify, the songs enable the kids to see themselves — and the world — differently. Read more [...]

The kids in ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’: They can be ‘Heroes’

For a pivotal scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, writer-director Stephen Chbosky needed a cool, semi obscure song that would inspire a high school kid in the early ‘90s. But the song also couldn’t sound like a relic or a one-hit wonder to movie audiences in 2012. Cue up David Bowie's "Heroes," now known as "the tunnel song" to a younger generation of moviegoers. Read more [...]