Pasolini’s ‘The Hawks and the Sparrows’: A comic Marxist fable — how often do you get to see one of those?

Pasolini’s engaging fable The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966) is the work of a filmmaker who’s still able to make his points with humor. It's a far better way to remember Pasolini than Salo. Read more [...]

‘Rome Like Chicago’ (1968): John Cassavetes wields a mean machine gun

Rome Like Chicago is an unassuming cops-and-robbers flick from Italy circa 1968, and as such probably isn't a film to interest the average moviegoer today. But the more of a cineaste you are, the more you might appreciate it as an entertaining footnote to some notable careers. For starters, the lead bank robber is played by John Cassavetes, of all people. Read more [...]