Best movies of 2012: the ‘Honorable Mention’ category

Since there were more than 10 noteworthy movies in 2012, think of these as more potential candidates for your queue: superheroes, dissidents, indie misfits, and — all the way from Indonesia — what might be the best action movie since the original Die Hard. Read more [...]

News flash: French director likes to film swell-looking dames

Shortly before the U.S. release of Farewell, My Queen, 65-year-old director Benoît Jacquot was impressively candid about the way his filmmaking is driven by his interest in his lead actresses: “I can’t imagine filming an actress without having some kind of amorous link with her… Even if it’s just one scene, there’s something amorous about the act of filming a woman.” The male gaze of a million Film Studies lectures baldly stated, you might think. Read more [...]

‘Farewell, My Queen’: Dead rats and body odor at this Versailles

Benoît Jacquot was able to film Farewell, My Queen on location at Versailles. The result is no tourist brochure: This Versailles feels not lavish but lived in, scuffed up. For once the oft-mentioned detail that the real-life halls of Versailles reeked of urine is easy to credit from what we see on screen. Read more [...]