Today is Record Store Day 2017: Please don’t steal ‘les disques’

In honor of Record Store Day 2017: You can't always get what you want, and you can't make a cool prop out of an MP3. The appearance of the Rolling Stones' 1969 album Let It Bleed in Jacques Rivette's 1971 opus OUT 1 is one more detail adding to the movie's authentic sense of period. Read more [...]

L.A. repertory cinemas pick: ‘The Dream Cycle of Jacques Rivette’

There will be no midsummer doldrums this year for adventurous L.A. cinephiles: The Cinefamily presents four films by the late Jacques Rivette, perhaps the most enigmatic and radical director of the French New Wave. These movies hail from an era of filmmaking touched by mad genius. Read more [...]

Jacques Rivette’s ‘Duelle’: The dangerous goddesses of Paris

Someone needs to release Jacques Rivette’s Duelle (1976) on Blu-Ray or streaming in the U.S. A single viewing is a fine way to be introduced to this entrancing fantasy, but I want to be able to sink into its mysteries and contemplate its puzzles again and again. Read more [...]