L.A. Rep Cinema Pick: the classics that made Agnès Varda’s reputation, at LACMA

Last month she was Guest Director of the AFI Film Fest; this month 85-year-old "godmother of the French New Wave" Agnès Varda continues her local victory lap with an exhibit of her visual art and this series of her best-known films on the big screen at LACMA. Respect! Read more [...]

Lincoln Center’s massive Godard retrospective: impressive even if you know your Godard

I imagine there are plenty of cineastes outside New York City who find themselves scrolling through the listings for Lincoln Center's Godard series longingly, wishing they could be there. This is a singular opportunity to immerse oneself in Godard's oeuvre — even, for those who dare, his late-'60s, make-your-head-hurt agitprop. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema Pick: A stylish French crime wave, this weekend at the New Beverly

A great double bill of French thrillers at the New Beverly Cinema this weekend: Godard's second feature Le Petit Soldat, with Anna Karina in her debut, and Jean-Pierre Melville's final film Un Flic, starring Alain Delon and Catherine Deneuve. Both movies newly restored in 35mm, too — this could be an ideal way to put the real world on hold for the space of an afternoon or a night. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema Pick: Godard classics on a big, BIG screen — the Cinerama Dome

Beginning Sunday, new 35mm prints of three Godard classics will be showing in a way that I think it's safe to say no one has ever seen before: at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, on the curved screen that is 32 feet high and 86 feet wide. French New Wave, in IMAX dimensions. Featuring a gallery of vintage Godard movie posters. Read more [...]