30 years late, or timeless? Leos Carax’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’ finally hits U.S. screens

Starts Fri., 8/15 at L.A.'s Cinefamily Theater: Leos Carax's precocious 1984 debut Boy Meets Girl is a movie that wears its heart on its sleeve for a lot of things — for cinema, for Paris, for youthful romanticism. And it's in gorgeous black-and-white. It's like the weekend in Paris that Frances Ha dreamed of, in 100 minutes. Read more [...]

The return of ‘Mauvais Sang,’ the grooviest French movie you might never have heard of

DCP restoration now playing in L.A.: Leos Carax reminded the world of his talent with 2012's Holy Motors. This revival of 1986's Mauvais Sang — a compulsively watchable testament to young love, and the love of movies — shows why Carax was a name to reckon with back in his proverbial enfant terrible days. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema pick: ‘Jean-Luc Godard, French Revolutionary’ at the Aero Theatre

For any cineastes in L.A. suffering awards-season fatigue, relief is at hand: starting tonight and playing over the next two weeks, Santa Monica's Aero Theatre is running six double-features by Godard. You can't go wrong with any of these double bills — and to its credit, the series includes a couple of the master's later works from the '80s. Read more [...]

One of 2012’s best: ‘Holy Motors,’ a surreal ride through Paris

A shape-shifter of a movie, Leos Carax’s Holy Motors can be viewed as another elegy for the death of film — no shortage of those in 2012 — but in its exuberance and boisterous musical interludes it’s more like an Irish wake. Read more [...]

‘Boy Meets Girl’: cinematic young love in Paris

To judge by Boy Meets Girl, his 1984 debut, director Leos Carax had already mastered filmmaking technique at an age when most would-be auteurs are fighting to get approval for their final film-school projects. Boy Meets Girl is a small-scale B&W effort, but there’s nothing modest about the craft on display. Read more [...]