The music, the dance, the trailer: 3 more things to love about ‘Vivre sa vie’

Anna Karina's immortal dance around the pool hall in Vivre sa vie makes me reflect how actors will always be the greatest special effect in movies, and how spectacularly misguided Hollywood’s drive to efface actors with technology is. Read more [...]

‘Breezy’ (1973): Clint Eastwood’s little-known romance

Almost nothing about Clint Eastwood's little-known Breezy is typical of his work — it’s a low-key drama about the romance between 19-year-old free spirit Breezy (Kay Lenz) and crusty middle-aged real estate agent Frank Harmon (William Holden). But Breezy turns out to be interesting for reasons beyond what an anomaly it represents in Eastwood’s career. Read more [...]