L.A. Repertory Cinema Picks, Feb. 2016: Never mind awards season…

There's an embarrassment of riches at L.A.'s rep cinemas this month; an avid cinephile wishing to shut out the noise of Oscar campaigns can celebrate movies the best way possible, by seeing classics and cult favorites alike on the big screen... many of them in 35mm, no less. Read more [...]

The New Beverly’s two-night tribute is a great way to remember Lou Reed

Wed.-Thu., 11/13-11/14, L.A.s New Beverly Cinema pays tribute to the late Lou Reed (sob!) with a double bill: the real attraction here is Berlin on the big screen. Julian Schnabel's concert movie draws from the December 2006 shows when Lou Reed performed his infamous 1973 concept album Berlin live for the first time. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema Pick: A stylish French crime wave, this weekend at the New Beverly

A great double bill of French thrillers at the New Beverly Cinema this weekend: Godard's second feature Le Petit Soldat, with Anna Karina in her debut, and Jean-Pierre Melville's final film Un Flic, starring Alain Delon and Catherine Deneuve. Both movies newly restored in 35mm, too — this could be an ideal way to put the real world on hold for the space of an afternoon or a night. Read more [...]

L.A. Rep Cinema Pick: ‘Daisies,’ and the most subversive food fight ever filmed

Critic J. Hoberman has written of the Czech film Daisies, “The most drolly anarchic cine-provocation to bloom during Prague Spring, Vera Chytilová’s 1966 masterpiece looks better every year — it’s amazing that this feminist Duck Soup is not yet regarded as classic.” I couldn’t agree more. Daisies is both a definitive ‘60s film and yet somehow still seems too new for the 21st century. Read more [...]