Countdown to ‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch on the big screen

One way to pass the time until Twin Peaks returns in May: Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre is pairing seven David Lynch features with classics by other directors, in double bills that feel just right. If you don't know these movies already, don't read a thing about them beforehand; just come and let them blow your mind. Read more [...]

LACMA’s dazzling Stanley Kubrick exhibit

Strolling through LACMA's Stanley Kubrick exhibit will remind even the grumpiest cineaste of what he or she loves about movies. It might also leave museumgoers feeling a little wistful, too, about the kinds of films that Hollywood studios used to bankroll, once upon a time. Read more [...]

Stanley Kubrick’s two-fisted, two-bit noir ‘Killer’s Kiss’ (1955)

Playing Feb. 23rd at LACMA: Filmed in 1953, Stanley Kubrick’s gritty, streetwise Killer’s Kiss today looks so low-budget as to appear virtually hand-made. This is entirely a good thing. Read more [...]