Dawn of the blockbuster: the gangster classic ‘Underworld,’ released 86 years ago today

It’s fun to imagine how sensational the word-of-mouth about Josef von Sternberg's Underworld must have been, 86 years ago this week. This rip-roaring gangster classic laid the groundwork for decades of Hollywood action, yet it's also exotic and stylized, in the best silent-move tradition. Read more [...]

Mad about ‘Marketa’: A few words about the Czech classic

Out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and iTunes: 1960s classic Marketa Lazarová gives the impression that the director arrived on set every day determined to test what movies were capable of. The results are thrilling to watch. Contemporary filmmakers, man up and learn from the visionary approach here! Read more [...]

‘Game of Thrones’ fans, have I got a movie for you

The best news of the past week was that Criterion will be releasing the 1967 Czech film Marketa Lazarová on DVD and Blu-Ray in June. At times this masterpiece of savage barbarian action plays like a documentary shot in the muck and frost of Winterfell. Read more [...]