‘Netflix Bum’: A new, less than reverent guide to what to watch online

These days the final resting place of every cinematic stinker would seem to be Netflix streaming. The new site Netflix Bum has taken on the task of being your guide through all the dreck — “We scrape the bottom so you don't have to” is their motto. Read more [...]

The twisted brilliance of the Cinefamily’s ‘United States of Horror’ series

Every night this month, leading up to Halloween (natch), L.A. repertory cinema the Cinefamily is screening a different horror movie at midnight, in a series dubbed “The United States of Horror.” Not to get too hifalutin,' but the series could make a case for low-budget horror movies as outsider art. Read more [...]

Jess Franco (1930–2013) directed about 160 movies, almost all of them sleazy

The late Jess Franco (1930–2013) was a master of Euro horror and grindhouse fare, as a list of titles from his oeuvre makes clear — it's possible that no other director has a more colorful IMDB page. Read more [...]

‘Good’ bad movies, Exhibit A: ‘Stoker’

For a while Stoker works as a mood piece, a languid but poisonous dream. But a rude awakening comes when this Southern Gothic veers into more schlocky, sub-Hitchcockian territory. How many sociopaths does one family need? Read more [...]

What separates a ‘good’ bad movie from a bad one?

I doubt there’s a more subjective judgment to be made about movies. What intrigues me is the irrational aspect of what draws one to a film that in a certain light — or any light, perhaps — isn’t very good. Read more [...]