Is ‘The Room’ the worst movie of all time, or just the 21st century?

If you think you’ve seen it all, if you think you’re jaded, you haven’t seen The Room. Until you’ve endured The Room, you don’t know just how astonishingly bad a movie can be, down to the merest detail. Read more [...]

If ‘Vertigo’ is the best movie ever made, what’s the worst?

Last month's Sight & Sound critic's poll of the Top 50 Greatest Movies of All Time, in which Vertigo deposed Citizen Kane from its longtime perch at number one, has stirred up all kinds of online chatter. It seems everyone has an opinion about what the classics are, or should be. But the list got me wondering, what is the worst movie ever made? Read more [...]

What is the best movie title of all time?

Nude for Satan — I’ve never seen this 1974 Italian horror flick, but the haiku-like perfection of the title has long impressed me. Bold, succinct, fearlessly tacky, declaring exactly what the movie was going to be. Read more [...]

‘The Lickerish Quartet’ (1970): Nothing dates like erotica

Radley Metzger’s softcore opuses are perfect time capsules of flamboyant late ‘60s/early ‘70s fashions and production design, which is a big part of whatever kitschy appeal the movies have 40 years later. Read more [...]