L.A.’s repertory movie theaters hit the big time — the pages of ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’

In its Feb. 2013 issue, the prestigious French magazine Cahiers du Cinéma devotes no less than 4 pages to Los Angeles' arthouse theaters under the seemingly provocative title, “Is there such a thing as arthouse in Los Angeles?” But don't let the title scare you: the study is an interesting analysis of arthouse cinemas in the City of Angels. Read more [...]

‘Boy Meets Girl’: cinematic young love in Paris

To judge by Boy Meets Girl, his 1984 debut, director Leos Carax had already mastered filmmaking technique at an age when most would-be auteurs are fighting to get approval for their final film-school projects. Boy Meets Girl is a small-scale B&W effort, but there’s nothing modest about the craft on display. Read more [...]

‘Pola X’: French auteur loses his mind, makes one of his best movies

Leos Carax’s Pola X (1999) is an unhinged work, at times virtually daring the audience not to snicker at it. And yet, prior to this year’s Holy Motors, it was Carax’s most successfully realized film — a lacerating portrait of the artist as deluded fool. Read more [...]

Surreal September: A month of Jan Švankmajer, at the Cinefamily

One of the few directors that I would unreservedly hail as deserving of the 'genius' tag is Jan Švankmajer, a Czech animator, filmmaker, sculptor and visual artist. This series at the Cinefamily should be the ideal way to let his unsettling vision go to work on you. Read more [...]