The German version of Werner Herzog’s ‘Nosferatu’ sinks its fangs into L.A.

Playing this week in L.A.: Werner Herzog's hypnotically eerie Nosferatu the Vampyre brings a distinctly Germanic atmosphere to a classic tale of Gothic horror. No one should settle for seeing the movie in English; Herzog shot a version in German as well — and that's the definitive, and no doubt spookier version.
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Werner Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’: Crazy in the best possible way

This Friday at the Aero in Santa Monica, with Nicolas Cage and Werner Herzog in person: Nicolas Cage is compulsively watchable in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. His line readings are often bonkers, and I mean that as the highest possible praise. Read more [...]

Live in Hollywood, one night only: Werner Herzog, raconteur

In March 2010, the American Cinematheque in Hollywood screened a double feature of Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) and Cobra Verde (1987), with Herzog himself in attendance for a Q&A between the movies. It was the most entertaining Q&A session with a filmmaker I’ve ever seen. Not surprisingly, Herzog was a fount of anecdotes. Read more [...]

A perversely beautiful environmental nightmare: Herzog’s ‘Lessons of Darkness’

Werner Herzog's movies invite audiences to consider the world and the bizarre phenomena in it with new eyes, stirring a wakefulness — if not a kind of awe — in the viewer. Who else would have flown to Kuwait in the wake of the Gulf War to record the out-of-control fires in the oil fields there? Read more [...]