2012 in review: Thank God I got paid to see these movies…

During 2012 this humble freelance Movie Analyst saw a whopping 212 films, 150 of which were assignments. Among those movies were some great films — both high-profile releases and unsung gems. But there was another category, of movies that unfortunately were memorable due to their sheer awfulness. Consider the following films as entries in the 'almost fascinatingly bad' subcategory: Read more [...]

‘Seven Psychopaths’: The most depressing movie I saw in 2012

As an admirer of Martin McDonagh's plays and his debut feature In Bruges (2008), I was seriously bummed out by what an empty piece of work his follow-up turned out to be. Seven Psychopaths doesn't lack for good actors, or for moments of facile cleverness; what's disheartening about it is just how much talent was squandered. Read more [...]